What is Soulzouk?

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What is Soulzouk?

Soulzouk is a METHODOLOGY based on the premise that respects the fundamental principles of human movement performance. Our evolutionary process was in fact the largest training that humans have had throughout our existence, this process has conditioned our performance to expend less energy in the execution of our movements, so our concept of technique refers to the execution of high performance movements with less energy expenditure as possible, according to Biomechanics.

A few years ago we realized that the view that Soulzouk is a style, is outdated. Yes, it all started this way, but it was never just that. Nor was our intention to make the students dance like us, rather from the beginning, always encourage our students to develop their own styles. What we now call Soulzouk is a set of tools for the students to develop THEMSELVES, so he/she understands how his/her body works and what are their strong points and which points needs more attention and dedication.