Rebekah (London,UK)

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rebekahsoulzouk Rebekah started dancing ballet as a little girl and danced her way through school and college, taking part in school plays and drama productions, making up dance routines on the school field and performing in front of friends and family. In her teens and twenties the nightclub was her dance studio. After the odd class of salsa, tango and contemporary dance, she stumbled across Brazilian Zouk and was immediately hooked. Three years later and her love of dancing and teaching takes her all over the world.

She trained as a SoulZouk instructor in Rio with China and Luciana and is the first non-Brazilian SoulZouk trained teacher with her partner Kris.

About Soulzouk: The reason I love SoulZouk is that it prioritises 'feeling' over 'appearance'. I love to connect with each partner and develop that private feeling with another dancer regardless of how it looks on the outside. To me the most thrilling part of partner dancing is the private conversation between the two bodies, the magic that can be created when you are fully present and focused on feeling. No thinking, just feeling. For me, zouk isn't just a dance, zouk IS a feeling.